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Relationship Between Digital Transformation And Society’s Behaviour?


Some transformations impact the speed of things and the behavior of the new generations. Not only companies are affected by digital transformation but society as a whole. Below you will find more details.

Speed Of Things

The first interaction feature of digital transformation with society is the speed at which things work. Everything has become more agile, and the volume of information is infinitely greater. I noticed that the volume of work also increased, and technologies were invented to outsource some tasks. As a result, people are more distracted and, at the same time, more demanding in carrying out their daily activities. We all want faster results and a diversity of functions.


With digital transformation, our life has become much more manageable. Imagine that in time for you to type a text, you had to use a typewriter, and if you missed any word, you would have to write everything again, in case you didn’t want to erase it. Nowadays, technological devices offer automated products and services that give us total comfort, something unthinkable a few years ago. Regarding public utility services, the advantages technology has brought to hospitals, police authorities and firefighters, for example, are undeniable.

Formation Of A New Generation

In many ways, we who live now are not like our fathers. Faced with the sudden changes that digital transformation has brought to the present day, a new generation has just been created. There is already the so-called generation Z, people born after 1994, the digital natives. This generation grew up enjoying all the benefits of digital devices.

These are people who have new skills. For example, they can multitask and process information faster. Also, they are people capable of consuming digital content on different devices, such as smartphones and notebooks. It is no wonder that part of this generation already learns robotics in schools.

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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Transformation For Entrepreneurship?

Being an entrepreneur is looking for opportunities and innovative tools in the market. In this sense, digital transformation has contributed significantly. Through it, for example, I observed the expansion of the offer and the transfer of physical stores to e-commerce. However, it is not just that. I’ll tell you more later.

Improved Customer Experience

I’ve been saying this for a long time: every entrepreneur needs to focus on the customer experience to launch a successful product. Since this is a strategy that helps companies differentiate themselves. When I use digital transformation, I can better segment the target audience. I can, for example, approach the client’s characteristics more personalized and precisely. In this way, I can offer many more targeted products.

More Efficient Operational Processes

Undoubtedly, every entrepreneur needs to get ahead of their processes. After all, those who need to catch up in their project stages cannot stand out in the market. In this sense, digital transformation has improved internal processes, making everything more straightforward and efficient. Work teams spend less unnecessary energy and manage to optimize productivity.

How To Configure The Digital Transformation In Your Company?

As I showed you, the benefits of digital transformation are immense. However, knowing how to apply this methodology is necessary so everything works out.

Rethink The Business

As I have already mentioned, digital transformation brings about a structural change in management processes. In this sense, it should impact how you handle your business, redefining the company’s strategy for the digital world. I see this by analyzing the market and identifying how new technologies can offer threats and opportunities for the company. So, I understood that the technological context could create ruptures to define the path that the company wants to reach.

Invest In A Cultural Shift

After analyzing the scenario that is to come and drawing up a plan, I suggest that you invest in a cultural change. After all, more is needed to create a very daring plan if, in practice, no one is willing to carry it out. Therefore, I recommend changing the culture of your stakeholders, convincing them through a cautious argument of the benefits of social transformation and indicating which changes should be made within the organizational culture.

Promote Skill Development

With minds convinced that digital transformation is necessary, promote skills development. For this, invest in training the team. This makes those professionals with little experience in dealing with technology able to improve their level of intimacy with equipment and technological reasoning. As such, I still recommend creating a plan for the team to start developing their skills.

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