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The Best Extensions In Google Chrome


Google Chrome is one of the web browsers with the most significant number of extensions, mainly thanks to its Chromium-based browser, whose free code allows for a much more comprehensive and continually updated range of add-ons than other browsers. Despite this, most search engines have already based their browser on Chromium to benefit from its advantages and favour the optimal display of web pages. Due to this, many of the free extensions for Google Chrome that we will name, you can also use in other browsers such as Firefox or the new Microsoft Edge.

Google extensions and, specifically, Chrome extensions, contemplate a wide range of options, from extensions to analyze the SEO of your website to Chrome extensions to see offers, free extensions to block advertising, put your screen in dark mode, etc. In this post we will talk about the useful Chrome extensions for different departments of a digital marketing and advertising agency like ours. These are the best extensions on Google Chrome, in our opinion;

SEO extensions for Chrome

There are many extensions focused on optimization or SEO analysis of web pages, but which extensions are better? These are the best Google Chrome extensions for SEO;


This extension gives us information about our competition or any web page, analyzing the page authority and domain authority, their backlinks, SERP data, etc. This tool will be very important to analyze if our SEO and digital marketing strategy are correct, according to its performance, in addition to knowing the situation of competing digital companies.


You can find this free SEO extension in the main browsers; Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. Through SEOQuake, we can visualize different SEO metrics, both our own and those of the competition. You will be able to check whether or not the web page is indexed in Google to metrics related to the social networks of said business.


If you are starting with a YouTube channel and want to optimize it, this is your most important extension. With VidIQ, you will be able to analyze the video and channel tags of any YouTube account, see the index of positive and negative interactions, in which social networks it has been shared and, therefore, the level of SEO optimization.


It offers you an immediate SEO analysis of the web, focused on improving positioning for different devices. Through Woorank, you can analyze a web page’s traffic, usability issues, accessibility and user experience to enhance your digital presence.

Chrome extensions for social networks

Sometimes the insights of each social network are not enough to carry out an exhaustive analysis of them, as well as the limitation we can find when programming publications in some of them. In this list, you can see four useful Chrome extensions for social networks ;


Controlling the information and interactions generated behind our brand or in our sector is complicated unless you have automation and reference control tools like TweetDeck. If you want to know what is being talked about in your sector or what is being talked about you as a company, with this tool, you will be able to find out. It is directly connected to Twitter, so the information it gives you is always accurate and up-to-date.


Buffer is a kind of Hootsuite, where you can update and make your posts on the different networks you work on; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. In addition to publishing, you will receive information about the interactions generated with that publication, and you will be able to access general network analysis. We recommend this extension for Chrome, but we also have to say that it would be better if you publish from the platform itself for networks like Facebook and Instagram since this will favour the algorithm and its organic results.

Hootsuite Hootlet

It allows us to share written or audiovisual content with just one click, connected with Hootsuite to be later uploaded to the account and networks you select. We write or upload the content we want to Hootler, then link it to Hootsuite and publish it. This extension avoids waiting for page loads, content downloads, etc.


SocialBlade is an extension focused on analyzing accounts from different social networks; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. We only have to search for the account we want to analyze, and we will obtain all the data of interest from it. These will be different depending on the network we are analyzing. For example, the data it gives us is quite limited in the case of Instagram since we can only analyze for a maximum of 3 months. In the case of YouTube, we can see how much money our favourite YouTuber earns per video.

Chrome extensions for content

searching for information, taking notes, saving links to articles of interest… There is a precise way of operating for a web content writer, in which different tools or extensions are required to improve and facilitate their work process. These are the most useful Google Chrome extensions for a content department ;

Note Anywhere

This extension is essential for copywriters or content creators. Research and continuous reading are intrinsic in content writing, which is why it involves continuous note-taking. With Note Anywhere, you’ll be able to automatically save all that information in the preferred order you choose.

Type Form Recovery

You are writing an article, and suddenly your computer shuts down… Don’t panic. Type Form Recovery will automatically save everything you’re writing in the cloud down to the last word. When you turn your computer back on, you won’t lose anything and can pick up where you left off.


Sometimes we find exciting things to read, articles that could help us a lot, but the lack of time makes us postpone that reading. You can no longer find it when you have time to read it and intend to do it. Pocket helps you solve this problem. Whenever you find the content you’d like to read later, you can store it in Pocket and read it whenever you want with just one click.

Language tools

Spelling is very important, and even if we think we know how to write perfectly, some carelessness or typo can always occur. Language tools help you nullify the possibility of these little oversights. This spelling extension points out the misspelt word, and you can rectify it with just one click on it.

Chrome extensions for developers

It could be said that developers are the ones who use Google extensions the most for their work. From copying colours, styles and fonts to maintaining synergies with other vital departments such as SEO. These are the essential extensions for a developer ;

Web developer

Web Developer is the best friend of web developers, one of the extensions with the greatest editing and formatting utilities. This extension has been directly recommended by the developers of Firefox, in addition to having already received several awards in this regard.

See robots

The bridge between web development and SEO must be as stable as possible; there are Seerobots. This extension for developers and SEO will give us information about the index and follow or index and nofollow of a website when uploading it.


Although the inspect function exists and it is easy for developers to use and very operational, you can also have that function with ColorZilla. By activating this extension, you will be able to click on the colour of the web that you want to know its code, and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

These are some of the extensions that we use the most and that we consider essential, although the reality is that there are many more for all kinds of needs. What are the extensions that are never missing in your browser?


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