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Tips For Operating Windows 11


The operating system has a new look! See what changed

Microsoft’s new operating system – Windows 11, has had significant changes. Some of them, such as the layout part, can be seen immediately. The start menu and the taskbar no longer snap to the left. By default, it is now located at the bottom centre. Know some tips to operate Windows 11.

Among the most diverse updates, the visual changes draw more attention at first than the performance ones. But know that you can customize most new features and aesthetic changes.

Start menu and taskbar tweak

Although by default, the start menu and taskbar are centred (much like other operating systems, such as Chrome OS), it is possible to change their position.

To do this, enter the “Taskbar Settings” menu (you can type in the search or right-click on the taskbar and open the corresponding menu).

When you enter this option, look for “Taskbar Behaviours” and change the alignment to the left.

Application and menu customization

By default, some features and settings are no longer found in the start menu. But it is possible to customize and thus add or remove items – whether they are just programs (applications) or even settings, such as the “configuration” button itself, but also useful shortcuts, such as the “file explorer.”

Meet the focus session

If you’re one of those people who get easily distracted by notifications, this new feature could be perfect! In the “Alarms and Clock” menu, it is possible to activate this function. It disables notifications for a predetermined amount of time and thus allows you to operate Windows and carry out your tasks without distractions.

Touch gestures

When using laptops and tablets, or if you have a touch screen, Windows 11 has changed the set of touch gestures.

  • Swipe to the left: opens the news and information widgets panel;
  • Swipe right: opens notifications;
  • Three-finger swipe up: opens all running windows;
  • Swiping down on an app with three fingers will minimize it and show the “Desktop”;
  • Four-finger swipes up: Shows the “Task View.”

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