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What Are The Most Effective Tools For Marketing Automation?


For several years, the generation of content and automation of digital marketing has become a trend in the market. No company does not need its strategies to make itself known and position itself more effectively in the market without improvisation or loss of money.

The main reason is that the business world is focused on creating functional projects and generating income for all parties involved. Different tools must be used to achieve this, as is the case with marketing.

An essential issue in this sector is that the high competitiveness and demand for experts in the area continue to grow every day. Although there is a lot of competition, it does not decrease the number of requests for these professionals. For example, today, a community manager does not do the same tasks as a few years ago.

Now, as the market is much more consolidated, figures have appeared that contribute to the improvement of the sector, in turn triggering new needs and tools. This is where automation makes its appearance to offer a great solution.

What is digital marketing automation?

It refers to the use of tools or platforms that serve to manage the tasks and functions in the area in an automated way, managing to improve the scope of the objectives and the team’s general performance. Likewise, it is a technique that seeks to improve the administration, control, and monitoring of team tasks.

It should be noted that automation is not usually isolated from human interaction; on the contrary, there must be someone supervising the results of the activities of these tools, in addition to managing the actions to be carried out in the future and planning the strategies based on the funnel of conversion. All this with the ultimate goal: to attract and keep customers.

Why should you use marketing automation?

Over time, companies have recognized that part of their success is due to automation because once their volume of clients grows, they need to consider other solutions. It is a golden opportunity for brands that, although they do not have a vast number of workers, can achieve a balance in their workflow.

Even so, this is only what we can see with the naked eye, and to provide further clarity on the subject, we will mention some of its main benefits:

  • It facilitates the planning and execution of large projects or multiple actions.
  • Increases the performance of the marketing strategy.
  • Generates a record of the activities carried out and their results.
  • Identify the strategies that have the highest conversion potential.
  • Reduces investment costs in large-scale projects.
  • It maintains closeness with leads who are not ready to accept the purchase.
  • It promotes the personalization of content according to the type of client.
  • Decreases workload.

These are just some of why 90% of marketers use one or more automation tools to improve their work performance, according to the TRUELIST study conducted in 2021.

The five tools that lead marketing automation

Suppose you are interested in acquiring or contracting these tools. In that case, it is essential that you know which are the most convenient options for your business and the reasons that have positioned it in the 10th position of the best in the global market.

What are the top marketing automation solutions companies in the world as of May 2021?


It is a CRM tool that can manage most digital marketing tasks: sales, content management, operations and customer service, lead conversion, and social media monitoring, among others.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Applying this option is a good decision if you are interested in dedicating yourself to meeting your client’s expectations without neglecting your projects and the interests of your company. It is an effective solution to manage your team and monitor your content, workflows, sales, and interaction with your audience.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

The integration of different tools is one of the strengths of any automation platform. Oracle’s product stands out because its intuitive, simple, and elegant design dramatically simplifies learning and handling, even though it uses sophisticated tools.

Active Campaign

If you have doubts about which would be the most appropriate for your business, either because it is an online store or an SME, you can find the ideal solution for you on this platform. It should be noted that it adapts to the type of business and its objectives. It’s worth checking out if you’re not aiming too high but want to maintain quality.

Salesforce Pardot

If your interest is to have control of everything that happens in your company in a simple and easy-to-understand way, Salesforce Pardot is the most viable alternative. Like the others that we have mentioned, it focuses on improving the capture of leads, mainly aimed at B2B businesses.

Is automation the only important thing?

Although each company has its priorities, there is something that does not vary, and that is that automation without analysis or strategy does not come to fruition. Here, the intervention of professionals in the area offers their advice, indicating the plan, contents, support, and necessary collaborations in the project to be executed.

A very relevant fact is that the content has a significant value since reaching a million people does not make sense if the information or content is not well accepted. You become one more among the numerous competitors in the market, and that is what nobody wants for their brand.

The content is significant when sending and sharing messages through these tools; it must have a well-defined objective and attract attention.

We cannot forget the tool that allows you to create intuitive designs, with your brand and from thousands of templates for all kinds of formats and content, through a simple interface adjusted to your brand needs.


It is feasible for a company to invest in automation, but we must remember that its objectives condition it. If it focuses on direct sales, from person to person, automation is a good option for management but not to take advantage of all its advantages. Many solutions are complete and give a 360° view of the sales funnel.

But, if you are interested in positioning your brand in the digital market, then yes, it is a significant investment. In the first place, it reduces human effort and possible errors.

And secondly, we are talking about platforms created for businesses that process a lot of information and have a high volume of work. This demonstrates that it is an excellent solution to invest time in other activities that do require human intervention.

It should be noted that this tool does not do all the work; it needs a team behind it, of professionals and authentic marketers who have the necessary domain to manage them. Because they are platforms that we must know or learn to work effectively; otherwise, they will be an unnecessary expense.

Therefore, choose the one that best suits you and your brand, allowing you to navigate to your liking, notably improving your working day.


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