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Digital Kit For Electronic Commerce


Do you want to know how the government digital bonus can benefit you to increase your sales? Keep reading

Electronic Commerce

Features and services:

Creation of the online store: With a design according to the styles and philosophy of the company. Initial registration of categories and products, through manual registration or massive import with CSV/Excel type files, with at least 100 product references.

  • Payment methods: Configuration of multiple payment methods, card, PayPal, Transfer, Cash on Delivery, Bizum
  • Responsive Design: Mobile-first design, fully adaptable to any device size
  • Accessibility: Following level AA of the WCAG-2.1 Guidelines.
  • Essential positioning on the Internet: Basic configuration of the business profile, pages, titles, and descriptions.
  • Optimization of the presence in search engines (SEO): A preliminary report will be carried out with keyword analysis, analysis of the competition, SEO On-Page of the initial page and another page of the client’s choice, content indexing in the main search engines. Search, categorization, and hierarchy of content. Quarterly delivery of monitoring and positioning reports.
  • Self-managed: Fully self-managed platform. We will deliver manuals and personalized training by video conference.
  • Shipping methods: Configuration of the different shipping methods available.
  • From €2,900 to €4,500

Digital Kit for Electronic Commerce

Surely you know the importance of having an online store to be able to sell your products and services.

With an ECommerce system, you make sure you have an additional sales channel that generates profits by increasing your company’s sales.

What is the Digital Kit for Electronic Commerce?

The Digital Kit is a series of aids framed in the Accelerate SME program to help companies, micro-companies, and the self-employed in Digital Transformation.

To access the program, you will need to register and fill out a simple test on the web that will indicate the level of Digitization of your business and offer you the best solutions.

What is the purpose of the Digital Kit for Electronic Commerce?

With the Digital Aid voucher from the Government, you can have up to €2,000 to create your website for buying and selling products and services.

This must use digital means for its exchange, that is, have an online store with images of products. For example, the customer clicks on buy and can pay through payment methods such as Bank Transfer, Bizum, Card, or Cash on delivery for purchased products.

What functionalities and services should it have?

Creation of E-Commerce and registration of the catalogue: You will have a catalogue in which your products will be available using their registration, import, or upload. Includes the upload of at least 100 references.

  • Payment methods: We will configure and integrate the payment methods in your online store.
  • Responsive Design: Your e-commerce can be used on any device.
  • Accessibility: The design of your online store will meet the level AA conformance criteria of the WCAG-2.1 Guidelines.
  • Essential positioning on the Internet: Your online store will be indexable by the leading search engines. It will have all the essential information about your business, contact page, and company profile.
  • Optimization of the presence in search engines (SEO): We will carry out an analysis of keywords or keywords; also of the competition, we will prepare SEO on Page in at least two sections. We will help you ensure that your content is correctly indexed and ranked with quarterly reports so that you know your store’s positioning.
  • Self-manageable: A content management platform will allow you to modify the contents of your website without the need for external help.
  • Shipping methods: We will configure and integrate the digital and physical shipping methods of your e-commerce products.

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