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The 15 Best ChatGPT Plugins To Save Time


If you already use ChatGPT, you are undoubtedly aware of its limitations. But with such potential, it was predictable that developers would work hard to make this Artificial Intelligence ever more efficient. Every day brings its new batch of ChatGPT extensions and plugins to overcome the shortcomings of this very young conversational AI.

Some plugins are very effective and quickly become essential. Others are of great interest but show some bugs that make them useless. And a few are mere gimmicks that don’t add much.

So, to save you wasting time, I tested a large number of ChatGPT plugins for you. And I offer you a top 15 of the most interesting to date. Ready?

How to use ChatGPT plugins?

Before revealing my favourite plugins, let’s start with the basics. What is a ChatGPT plugin?

If you thought a plugin was an extension, in the case of ChatGPT, that’s not entirely true. A ChatGPT extension is a feature that invites AI into your browser.

While a ChatGPT plugin is a performance enhancement to ChatGPT over ChatGPT. An opening to new possibilities.

To be able to install plugins on your conversational AI model, you must subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. Because only the use of GPT-4 allows access to these plugins.

Would you like a little tutorial to install them? Come on…

ChatGPT Plugin Installation Guide:

  • Launch ChatGPT
  • Click on your username at the bottom left of the screen
  • Select the “Parameters” or “Settings” option in English.
  • Click on “Beta Features”
  • Activate the “Plugins” feature
  • In ChatGPT, select “New chat.”
  • Change the ChatGPT model to GPT-4
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Plugins” → “Plugin Store.”
  • Choose the plugins that interest you…

All that remains is to choose the plugins that will open new horizons for you.

Top 15 ChatGPT Plugins

I won’t lie; this isn’t a top 15 best plugin. It isn’t easy to have preferences as their functionalities are varied.

Besides, it is sometimes complicated to know which plugin to use. Because choosing the right plugin is like choosing the right DIY tool, you must ask yourself what task you want to accomplish. This is why, like in a beautiful workshop, I have arranged the tools for you by category.

5 plugins to browse the internet and extract information

One of the most significant shortcomings of ChatGPT is its inability to access or retrieve new information from the internet. Its database ends, in fact, in September 2021. Here are five exciting plugins to compensate for this lack.


  • The essentials! The one that will revolutionize your AI. It opens the doors of the internet to ChatGPT, allowing it to explore web pages in real time, extract information or even translate and rephrase.
  • Lately, it seems to be under review. If your version says “unverified”, don’t panic! The plugin still works.


This plugin also allows real-time research on the web. It is quite capable of extracting relevant information from it. But it particularly stands out for searching YouTube transcripts. It’s beneficial for translating a video, for example.


With it, ChatGPT can read and interpret the content of different links, whether links to websites, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, images, etc.

What’s trending?

  • This plugin allows ChatGPT to follow current trends on the web. It can help you stay current on the latest social media trends.

ChatGPT can take advantage of Wolfram|Alpha resources by installing this plugin. You now have access to very advanced calculation and knowledge functionalities.

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6 plugins to be more efficient

The genuine interest of ChatGPT is to improve our productivity. And specific plugins are there to help us.

I’m sure you know the Zapier platform, which automates tasks between different web applications. Well, here is the Zapier plugin. You can now perform all your actions from ChatGPT.

Your AI council

Do you need advice? Assemble a team of experts ready to provide ideas from different perspectives. Seek Your AI Council’s opinion by simply asking an open-ended question.

AI Agents

Do you need multiple assistants to complete a complex task? Have multiple AIs collaborate. Assign each a name, specific skills and a mission. And distribute the work. This way, you reach your goals even faster.

Prompt Perfect

It is not always easy to make yourself understood by Artificial Intelligence. Our requests are not always clear or detailed enough. You can use the Prompt Perfect plugin to improve these prompts and get more precise responses from ChatGPT.

There is an AI for that

This plugin helps you find AI tools for your specific needs because there are AIs for everything. To draw, to write, but also to do research or plan trips… It can be very useful to see things a little more clearly.

2 plugins for interesting visuals

You want to put some colour in your posts. You can use mid-journey, for example. But ChatGPT and its plugins can produce some exciting visuals.

Show Me Diagrams

This plugin allows ChatGPT to generate diagrams from a description. Have him find statistics and put them in a more visually pleasing format: histogram, curves or pie charts. Your LinkedIn post will be much more impactful.


Even if it is still perfect, this plugin is very promising. You ask ChatGPT to write you the script for a video you want to create. And HeyGen makes it for you.

Plugins to optimize the good times

If you’re tired of spending hours choosing the right restaurant or finding the plane ticket that fits your dates and budget perfectly, here are three cool plugins.

  • Kayak
  • Expedia

Very similar, these two plugins allow you to formulate queries in natural language about your upcoming trips. Tell them, “I’m looking for a flight from Paris under €400 for a seaside holiday,” they will provide you with a list of recommendations tailored to your needs.

Open Table

Access recommendations from the Open Table platform directly from ChatGPT. You can ask questions, indicate your preferences or budget, and get a list of restaurants corresponding to your criteria. Before booking your table, You have all the necessary information (menu, customer reviews, etc.).

Unfortunately, Opentable only lists a few restaurants in France. Hopefully, this platform will develop more internationally, or a French equivalent will create its plugin…

I tested many other plugins. Some are useful and effective but duplicate, like WebRequests, which is less attractive than WebPilot. Others are paid or require you to create an account on a platform. Finally, a few are not working correctly at the moment.

In the coming months, we will likely see several even more efficient plugins appear. Count on us to keep you informed!

The limits of ChatGPT plugins

First but not least, to use these plugins, you need GPT-4. You must, therefore, take out a subscription. But despite the $20 monthly fee, you are limited to 25 requests every 3 hours on this latest version of ChatGPT.

Another concern is opening a new chat whenever you want to use a new plugin. You will tell me that it is not that embarrassing. But here it is… ChatGPT has no memory of previous conversations.

“With each interaction, I deal with the current question or instruction independently, without accessing previous conversations. Each session is autonomous and does not consider the context of previous exchanges. He teaches me.

With each new Chat, you must start all your explanations again.

And you only have the right to activate three plugins simultaneously. You regularly have to start a new discussion to use other plugins.

But let’s not forget that these plugins are, for the moment, in beta. So test, experiment and combine them.

In the meantime, you also have the option of using ChatGPT extensions.

WebChatGPT, for example, allows ChatGPT to access the internet in real time without the need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus.

SuiteChatGPT summarizes articles or videos for you from your browser. opens a pop-up window from any page, offering handy rephrasing or translation features.

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